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So... Michelle Obama's Natural Hair?!

Posted on 10 April 2017

By now, you've surely seen the photo of Michelle Obama rocking her natural hair that's blown up on the Internet. We are THRILLED to see her displaying those gorgeous locks, but as we troll through our Twitter and IG feeds, something strikes us as "off."

michelle obama natural hair curly Does a woman in her natural hair deserve top media coverage? 

A similar wave occurred just after the gorgeous Halle Berry attended the Oscars in, gasp, her own curls!

There were tons of mixed opinions about this--many saying it was the "wrong place" or that her hair "didn't go" with her dress (we're groaning, in case you're wondering), others simply produced awful GIFs comparing her hair to a clown's.

Many simply debated whether or not it even WAS her real hair, because the general assumption when a major celeb dares to wear her curls--they must be fake. It must be a wig, right?


She confirmed that it was ALL her, and we think she looked damn good. While we have not yet had the honor of having to present at the Academy Awards, we're quite certain we get the pressure of having to tame your mane for a big event. Like, you know, leaving your bedroom.

halle berry curly natural hairThe omnipresent pressure on women with textured hair to conform is real. Altering our hair in order to appear more chic, professional or beautiful was ingrained in us from early on.

We tried everything, and were resourceful, too! We used clothing irons, nearly burned our scalps off with toxic perms, and applied endless potions in hopes of one day revealing a perfect curtain of shiny, straight, weightless hair. Sometimes it worked for a minute or two, until a drop of rain or bit of humidity spiraled us back to reality. Thankfully, times are changing.

The trickle-down effect of powerful women such as Obama, Beyonce, Berry, and Keys has resulted in more women feeling confident enough to embrace their own kinks too. While we wish it wasn't headline news, nor deemed as a heroic act of courage for a woman to show off her curls--we're happy that more and more women are doing so. It's normalizing something that never needed to be ashamed in the first place.

With each step these women take (and that includes you!) "au naturel," they're paving the way for the ALL of us.

At the end of the day, it's just hair! There's no reason for us to feel any less confident with a crown of curls than with a fresh blow-out.

Your hair is your choice, and CAN and SHOULD feel free to rock it however you'd like, whenever you'd like. Love UR curls. Love UR self! 

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