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Posted on 28 April 2017

You know, we’ve all become so conditioned by the myriad of #curlyhairproblems that plague us. We’re USED to needing 5 different leave-in products. We’re USED to a certain look - what we call "definition" which is basically our individual hair strands sticking together to form "perfect" curls. And because we hold our poor curls to such unrealistic expectations, we are quick to get frustrated and give up on new methods/products that don't give us what we want - "perfect curls."

Well we're calling out for a NEW WAY OF THINKING. New terminology about our curls, and the expectations we hold them to. A new of way of living - one that FREES us from this dire need for constant perfection and allows us to have a real love affair with our hair! All the testimonials by real girls who swear by their #LUS products can’t be ignored—the products DO work. However, they ARE formulated very differently from the norm. There is a learning curve (for some people). But once nailed, there is no going back to the old way.

So to help you shorten the learning curve and get you to the "Omaaagaaaawd I LOVE my curls!" stage faster, we're sharing with you the top 5 mistakes people make with LUS:

#1: Rushing through Step 1
If you’re giving your head a super quick lather and moving onto the next step, you’re not doing your new products any justice. We kept those harsh, stripping foaming agents known as sulfates far away from our ultra gentle shampoo, yourewelcomeverymuch. This means that you’ll have to get to work here, using your fingertips to gently massage the scalp to remove oil and dirt. You may need to double-down if it’s a really dirty day (no questions asked).

curly hair conditioner products branding packaging design#2: Not rinsing out your conditioner
All of our products are activated with water, and this of course includes our conditioner. The formula is concentrated, so you will need LESS than you’re used to using. We often hear of people using entire handfuls or only partially rinsing it out...yeah, you’ll want to NOT do that. Begin with a bit less than you’re used to using, section off your hair as you apply it then let it sit for 3-5 mins and do its thing. When you’re ready to rinse, slowly add a bit of water at a time until you get a real slip going. You should NOT need to add more conditioner - only add more water (we know...wild right?! A company selling products and telling you to use LESS?!  Well it's true.) Make sure to FULLY rinse out the product. Our team of cosmetic chemists insist that it’s actually not always beneficial to leave regular conditioner on your hair post-shower. Yes, they’re made with amazing hydrating ingredients BUT anything made to use IN-shower will cause buildup and clog the hair follicles (read: dull your shine!) OUT of the shower. Makes sense right?

#3: Detangling out of the shower
We strongly advise doing all of your dirty detangling work IN the shower! This means it is handled less when dry, ergo less frizz, more definition. The key is to do so as you’re rinsing out the conditioner, so you’ll add a bit of water (try sticking your whole head under the running water for 1-2 secs) and then slowly detangle using your fingers or curl-appropriate comb, bit more water, bit more detangling, until ahhh—you’ve got a silky smooth, tangle-free mane.

#4: Applying too much leave-in
Our Leave-In is also activated guessed it, water! So, you’ll want to apply this to soaking wet hair. Since lots of us aren’t accustomed to working with more agua than product, many girls go overboard with product here. Trust us, it’ll only be counterproductive. Try a lighter hand with the leave-in (1-2 pumps per section), and be generous with the h2o. Add it in sections, according to your texture and length. The point is you want each section to soak up water and product. Application really is key for a great finish so don't get lazy here. A bit more time spent applying one product one time and you have gorgeous curls that last you longer than you've probably experienced in the past. It's worth it, no?

#5: Over-touching during drying stage
We know how tempting it can be to play with those soft, luscious curlies. But don’t do it! Until they’re 100% dry, avoid ALL touching. This will only cause frizz. And hey, WE really don't mind frizz (means more volume, yay) but if you're frizz-sensitive, then eliminate the touching. If you decide to diffuse, do so on warm/cool setting and be gentle with the diffuser too. Not too much moving and flipping. Save that for after. 

Bonus #6: You’re taking someone else’s word for it
See all these suggestions here? They’re exactly that: suggestions. PLAY with your own hair, using your own intuition and previous experience to guide you. No one knows YOUR curls better than YOU—not even us. If something goes wrong one day, consider the steps you took and what’s different. When something goes great, make note of that, too! Sometimes it is not the products themselves, but just the application part.This photo right here? Not a gimmicky before-after pic. This is actually our founder's mom! Photo on the left are her day 1 curls, when she first applied LUS to her own hair for the very first time. And pic on the right is her day 3 curls, following a time on a mother-daughter cruise when Sahar did her mom's hair. EXACT same product used (our "all-in-one" for curly hair), vastly different results and even slept on day 3 hair. So......

Patience, grasshopper. You’ll get there too! Try to enjoy the journey of getting to know what your REAL curls do, when you're not weighing them down with a ton of heavy products. This is the process of learning to Love UR Curls!


This video was shared by @sydniescurlyworld on her Instastory recently. We're re-sharing it with you here because it's as real as they come, and we appreciate her honesty so much. If you have any trouble at all with our products after your purchase, just reach out to us like Sydnie did!  We are REAL curly girls here at LUS and we are eager to help....any time! ❤️








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  • Victoria: May 03, 2018

    Thanks for the tips im going to follow it to the T!

  • Christine Kump: May 03, 2018

    I love your product. I just used it this morning with soaking wet hair. I really had no idea such a small amount would work! I’m going to see how long I can work with the current level of product with a rewet process over the next couple of days. I’m a true fan and advocate.

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